3 Customizable Alternatives to Internet Explorer

When you buy a new PC, there are a lot of programs, games and utilities that come with it. Even when you want to surf the internet, there is a program for that. If you are a PC user, Internet Explorer is the pre-installed web browser. But what if you don’t want to use Internet Explorer? There are other browsers available that are free to download. Here are 3 of the most popular.

Google Chrome:

This browser has become more popular than Internet Explorer. Created by Google, the leader in internet searches, this browser is fast and offers a lot of options.

You can download and install add-ons and extensions to personalize the browser to fit your needs. It also includes tabbed browsing and even offers “incognito” which lets you browse without your searches or history appearing later.

Programmers love the fact that Google has made Chrome open-source so they can create their own browsers. It of course uses Google as the default search engine.



Created by Mozilla, Firefox is another preferred web browser for those looking for something faster and more customizable than Internet Explorer.

Firefox was the first browser to offer tabs that also had a large following. Other browsers did offer the feature, but were less known.

Like Google Chrome you can download add-ons and extensions for whatever your needs are.

Web developers and SEO professionals count on the add-on toolbars to get things done. The browser is regularly updated and always free for download.



This is a new browser to hit the internet scene. It was created from the open-source Google Chrome code, but has a lot of its own features.

Known as the “social browser”, it includes side bars to connect to Facebook, Twitter and your email accounts. You can add various accounts from Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook.

As new emails, tweets or status updates come in, RockMelt notifies you and allows you to view and respond without visiting their pages. The browser also allows you to easily share links and videos with your Facebook friends with just a click of a button.

The internet offers a virtual world of information and entertainment, however none of that is accessible without the right browser.

Although Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on Windows PCs, there are other options out there. If you are looking for a new way to explore the internet with more speed and personalization, check out these options and make the internet your own.

John Deschamp is a computer tech and freelance writer for highspeedinternet.net, a site he recommends for those looking to learn about wireless internet.

Getting Your Voice Heard Before Computers

Although perhaps some of the younger people among us would find it hard to believe that society existed before the Internet was available, people did in fact get on just fine before it was even thought of. We managed just fine without Google and believe it or not, we even managed to get through the day without having access to sites like Facebook and twitter. The Internet did change some things in quite a big way however and one thing in particular that changed was how we now get our message across. While we are now able to get our message to a vast number of people fairly quickly, it used to be a very different challenge altogether in the past. Before access to the web and computers, we had very different ways of communicating to the masses.

The Town Crier

Walk about town ringing a big bell and shouting your head off nowadays and you are very likely to find yourself arrested for disturbing the peace. In days gone by however, having somebody shouting at the top of their voice was considered a very important position and towns up and down the country would have their own rent-a-gob to let everybody know everything is safe. We can now just check what’s happening by logging in and reading the news but of course, such a luxury was not available until relatively recently. The next time you go online to check the news, remember how fortunate you are to not have the local big mouth yelling at the top of his voice at silly O’clock in the morning.

Word Of Mouth

Without sophisticated communications equipment people in the past would have had to rely upon other people spreading the word for them. Word of mouth is in fact an incredibly effective tool and still one of the most valuable marketing techniques available to us today. With a recommendation from friends or family people are likely to follow the advice and try out whichever service or product is being suggested and if impressed, they too would tell their friends and family. Once a good reputation has been established, any business should find fine that provided they maintain their high standards that they should do fruitful business long in the future.

Billboards and Posters

Making people aware that your business even exists is much of the struggle and billboards and posters are one way of doing this. One downside of this however, is that the vast majority of people that will see your advertisement are likely to have just about as much interest in what you are selling as they might in going to lunch with the chuckle brothers. Such visual advertisements rely on being seen by vast numbers of people so that even though they may influence only a very small percentage of people that see them, the actual numbers are still worthwhile.

Of course though, we do now have access to computers and the Internet and the new body of information is a medium that is perfect for effectively reaching your target audience. If you know what needs to be done then you could not only get your message to a huge number of people, you could also reach the people that might just fancy that lunch with the chuckle brothers after all. You could also save yourself the embarrassment of being arrested for waking up the neighbourhood with a loud bell and, of course, you won’t get a sore throat either. If you think you are having a tough time now getting your voice heard, bear in mind how much more difficult it may have been before the Internet came along.

One very effective way at getting yourself noticed is through guest blogging and professional writers could help you with the perfect blogs should you need their help.

Why Every Business Needs to Be on Twitter

Twitter is now a must-have for businesses that take their work online. As the last few years have progressed, Twitter’s population and use rates have consistently increased. Major television networks and large corporations are all using Twitter because it has passed a threshold of sorts. By tapping into this massive population of online viewers, businesses can improve traffic while simultaneously gaining important customer feedback.

Connecting With Users

The most valuable aspect of Twitter for a business is in its ability to bring businesses and customers together. It is now easy for businesses to know when they are making their customers happy. It’s also easy for a business to find out ways that they can improve their products and services to better suit the lives of their customers. Online customers are fully prepared to explain to businesses why they do or do not like what they are being sold. There are plenty of these people that will help improve the quality of the business. By simply listening to a variety of customer opinions and ideas, businesses can come up with new ways to improve profits by giving customers what they want, need, or prefer.

There is a double-edged sword here, because there will also be negative feedback. Sometimes customers won’t like what’s being done and will become very vocal. The problem with this is that some people are just plain rude. It can be difficult to tell if a customer is having a legitimate problem or simply has a poor attitude. An easy way around this is to create questions out of the negative opinions that customers give. When an idea for improvement or a new product arises, turn to the Twitter followers to estimate whether or not it’s a good business decision. If one customer had a complaint that 200 customers can relate to, the issue is probably worth addressing.


Another practical business use for Twitter is in its ability to act as a marketing medium. Twitter users often check their profile from mobile devices several times per day. By having a healthy following, businesses can use their tweets as a form of advertising. The tweet will then be seen by some of their proven customers and interested prospects. These people will likely see the advertisement, and a good tweet is one that directs potential buyers to a landing page.

Twitter is very interesting from a business perspective. It’s not as easy to jump into as something like Facebook advertising because it requires attention and maintenance. This attention and maintenance, though, is completely worth it. By developing a strong following on Twitter, businesses gain an important edge in customer feedback and direct marketing. Large companies pay huge sums of money just to distribute simple surveys to their customers. Twitter completely eliminates the need for these surveys by giving companies a faster, more direct way to ask their customers questions. These customers have also already gone out of their way to follow the business, so they’re obviously at least somewhat interested in what the business is producing. Having 5000 followers that are all interested in the business is extremely profitable. By developing connections with an online community, businesses can relate to their customers in a way that is more advanced than anything in known human history.

Brett Shaffer is a Campaign Manager at Empire Internet Marketing (EIM),

Deciding When It’s Time For A Site Redesign

If you’re having an existing website for months or years now, the question “Should I redesign?” might have already come into your mind multiple times. Of course, you love your current layout and theme, that’s why you have let it be the design of your site for some time. But then, people think that they should redesign a website just because they have funds. But what exactly are the things one should consider before deciding to go for a site redesign?

Budget Worth It?

Yes, budget is a main concern. A site redesign is a huge task, as it may need revamping the whole site as well as all fixing all its content to go along with your new site design. For the most part, you would need to hire a designer or an expert to do this for you, and designers are paid a considerable amount of money for their work. So budget is a part of the check list. But what else?

One must consider firsthand your objectives and how the current design of the website serves that purpose. If in case, your website fails to serve those objectives, then you definitely need a revamp. Or maybe you want to add a new aspect or a new objective to your website and your current design fails to fit onto that objective, then it’s another reason to undergo an overhaul of your site.

Also, one must consider the trend of the time. For instance, your site design is already a year old or more, but it was created as minimalistic or still according to the current trend, then it’s fine not to do the redesign just yet. But if it looks outdated, maybe still without a CMS, then you undeniably need the site redesign.

 More Profit For Your Website?

If you are running an e-commerce website, there would be more factors to consider. Your decision must be based on a statistical data that will say that your current design isn’t a fit to your customers already. Or that your old design is making the sales more difficult, maybe the pages load too slow or the site resources are too heavy. You would also need to study which part of the website to retain in order to keep up with the traffic. Say, the biggest factor of your website is it being easy to navigate, make sure you consider this part on choosing or deciding a redesign. You may want to keep this aspect, else you might run the risk of losing customers and losing profit.

Now that you know what to consider, what are the things that you can consider but should not influence your decision? The thoughts of just doing the redesign because it’s “old” or because it doesn’t look “cool anymore” mustn’t be your main reasons. And don’t let the fact of someone buying “your whole page” for an ad change your mind either. Yes, you can do a bit of tweaking for an ad or two, but never ever change the WHOLE site just because of this.

This article was written by Garen Arnold

Five Powerful SEO Tricks You May Not be Using Currently

SEO is essentially a series of strategies and techniques. There is no one form of SEO, but rather it is a series of different actions you take to increase the number of incoming links pointing at your site and the amount of content that will get indexed by Google. In this way you can think of each new SEO strategy as a new arrow for your bow, and the more you know, the more effective you’ll be in making powerful changes to your site. This is why it’s so important to keep reading and to keep learning when it comes to SEO and why you should always be on the hunt for new ways to improve your site. Here are a few you might not have been aware of…

Editing Old Pages

Editing old pages is a great way to make sure that you keep them relevant in the eyes of Google. Google is very sensitive to whether a site or a particular page on a site has been recently updated, and if you have pages that you haven’t even looked at for years then Google will presume that the information they share is outdated and thus no longer relevant. Make sure then that you keep editing old pages from time to time to keep them up to date and so they look fresh in the eyes of Google.

Tailoring Your Articles Based on Searches

The first rule in show business is to give the people what they want, and that applies in SEO too. Take a look at your web stats then and see what people are searching to find your website. If they’re landing on your pages regularly by searching for a question you aren’t actually answering, then this clearly would make a good article to write. You know that you’re capable of getting at least near the top of that SERP and that’s when you’re not even writing specifically for that topic and you know there’s an audience there – so what are you waiting for?

Building Relationships

To many people think of SEO as a cold process of swapping links and posting articles without ever developing relationships. Actually SEO is at least partly about who you know, just like any other business. Cultivating relationships with other blog owners for instance is a great way to get links to your site, while chatting on forums gives you a receptive community where you can post them yourself.

Creating Internal Links

Don’t just link in from your site, but make sure you’re also linking internally. I have a bodybuilding website that has pages describing all the common exercises and muscle groups. Thus, whenever I write the word ‘biceps’ I will always link back to my existing page on biceps, and likewise for anything else. This helps Google and visitors to find new pages and reminds them about the old ones.

Have a Site Map

Better yet is to have a site map and this is something that every site owner should spend time building. This way you have one resource where Google can find all your new links, and that will mean it’s able to quickly index any new post or article you upload.

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