3 Customizable Alternatives to Internet Explorer

When you buy a new PC, there are a lot of programs, games and utilities that come with it. Even when you want to surf the internet, there is a program for that. If you are a PC user, Internet Explorer is the pre-installed web browser. But what if you don’t want to use Internet Explorer? There are other browsers available that are free to download. Here are 3 of the most popular.

Google Chrome:

This browser has become more popular than Internet Explorer. Created by Google, the leader in internet searches, this browser is fast and offers a lot of options.

You can download and install add-ons and extensions to personalize the browser to fit your needs. It also includes tabbed browsing and even offers “incognito” which lets you browse without your searches or history appearing later.

Programmers love the fact that Google has made Chrome open-source so they can create their own browsers. It of course uses Google as the default search engine.



Created by Mozilla, Firefox is another preferred web browser for those looking for something faster and more customizable than Internet Explorer.

Firefox was the first browser to offer tabs that also had a large following. Other browsers did offer the feature, but were less known.

Like Google Chrome you can download add-ons and extensions for whatever your needs are.

Web developers and SEO professionals count on the add-on toolbars to get things done. The browser is regularly updated and always free for download.



This is a new browser to hit the internet scene. It was created from the open-source Google Chrome code, but has a lot of its own features.

Known as the “social browser”, it includes side bars to connect to Facebook, Twitter and your email accounts. You can add various accounts from Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook.

As new emails, tweets or status updates come in, RockMelt notifies you and allows you to view and respond without visiting their pages. The browser also allows you to easily share links and videos with your Facebook friends with just a click of a button.

The internet offers a virtual world of information and entertainment, however none of that is accessible without the right browser.

Although Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on Windows PCs, there are other options out there. If you are looking for a new way to explore the internet with more speed and personalization, check out these options and make the internet your own.

John Deschamp is a computer tech and freelance writer for highspeedinternet.net, a site he recommends for those looking to learn about wireless internet.

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