Deciding When It’s Time For A Site Redesign

If you’re having an existing website for months or years now, the question “Should I redesign?” might have already come into your mind multiple times. Of course, you love your current layout and theme, that’s why you have let it be the design of your site for some time. But then, people think that they should redesign a website just because they have funds. But what exactly are the things one should consider before deciding to go for a site redesign?

Budget Worth It?

Yes, budget is a main concern. A site redesign is a huge task, as it may need revamping the whole site as well as all fixing all its content to go along with your new site design. For the most part, you would need to hire a designer or an expert to do this for you, and designers are paid a considerable amount of money for their work. So budget is a part of the check list. But what else?

One must consider firsthand your objectives and how the current design of the website serves that purpose. If in case, your website fails to serve those objectives, then you definitely need a revamp. Or maybe you want to add a new aspect or a new objective to your website and your current design fails to fit onto that objective, then it’s another reason to undergo an overhaul of your site.

Also, one must consider the trend of the time. For instance, your site design is already a year old or more, but it was created as minimalistic or still according to the current trend, then it’s fine not to do the redesign just yet. But if it looks outdated, maybe still without a CMS, then you undeniably need the site redesign.

 More Profit For Your Website?

If you are running an e-commerce website, there would be more factors to consider. Your decision must be based on a statistical data that will say that your current design isn’t a fit to your customers already. Or that your old design is making the sales more difficult, maybe the pages load too slow or the site resources are too heavy. You would also need to study which part of the website to retain in order to keep up with the traffic. Say, the biggest factor of your website is it being easy to navigate, make sure you consider this part on choosing or deciding a redesign. You may want to keep this aspect, else you might run the risk of losing customers and losing profit.

Now that you know what to consider, what are the things that you can consider but should not influence your decision? The thoughts of just doing the redesign because it’s “old” or because it doesn’t look “cool anymore” mustn’t be your main reasons. And don’t let the fact of someone buying “your whole page” for an ad change your mind either. Yes, you can do a bit of tweaking for an ad or two, but never ever change the WHOLE site just because of this.

This article was written by Garen Arnold

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