Why Every Business Needs to Be on Twitter

Twitter is now a must-have for businesses that take their work online. As the last few years have progressed, Twitter’s population and use rates have consistently increased. Major television networks and large corporations are all using Twitter because it has passed a threshold of sorts. By tapping into this massive population of online viewers, businesses can improve traffic while simultaneously gaining important customer feedback.

Connecting With Users

The most valuable aspect of Twitter for a business is in its ability to bring businesses and customers together. It is now easy for businesses to know when they are making their customers happy. It’s also easy for a business to find out ways that they can improve their products and services to better suit the lives of their customers. Online customers are fully prepared to explain to businesses why they do or do not like what they are being sold. There are plenty of these people that will help improve the quality of the business. By simply listening to a variety of customer opinions and ideas, businesses can come up with new ways to improve profits by giving customers what they want, need, or prefer.

There is a double-edged sword here, because there will also be negative feedback. Sometimes customers won’t like what’s being done and will become very vocal. The problem with this is that some people are just plain rude. It can be difficult to tell if a customer is having a legitimate problem or simply has a poor attitude. An easy way around this is to create questions out of the negative opinions that customers give. When an idea for improvement or a new product arises, turn to the Twitter followers to estimate whether or not it’s a good business decision. If one customer had a complaint that 200 customers can relate to, the issue is probably worth addressing.


Another practical business use for Twitter is in its ability to act as a marketing medium. Twitter users often check their profile from mobile devices several times per day. By having a healthy following, businesses can use their tweets as a form of advertising. The tweet will then be seen by some of their proven customers and interested prospects. These people will likely see the advertisement, and a good tweet is one that directs potential buyers to a landing page.

Twitter is very interesting from a business perspective. It’s not as easy to jump into as something like Facebook advertising because it requires attention and maintenance. This attention and maintenance, though, is completely worth it. By developing a strong following on Twitter, businesses gain an important edge in customer feedback and direct marketing. Large companies pay huge sums of money just to distribute simple surveys to their customers. Twitter completely eliminates the need for these surveys by giving companies a faster, more direct way to ask their customers questions. These customers have also already gone out of their way to follow the business, so they’re obviously at least somewhat interested in what the business is producing. Having 5000 followers that are all interested in the business is extremely profitable. By developing connections with an online community, businesses can relate to their customers in a way that is more advanced than anything in known human history.

Brett Shaffer is a Campaign Manager at Empire Internet Marketing (EIM),

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