Five Powerful SEO Tricks You May Not be Using Currently

SEO is essentially a series of strategies and techniques. There is no one form of SEO, but rather it is a series of different actions you take to increase the number of incoming links pointing at your site and the amount of content that will get indexed by Google. In this way you can think of each new SEO strategy as a new arrow for your bow, and the more you know, the more effective you’ll be in making powerful changes to your site. This is why it’s so important to keep reading and to keep learning when it comes to SEO and why you should always be on the hunt for new ways to improve your site. Here are a few you might not have been aware of…

Editing Old Pages

Editing old pages is a great way to make sure that you keep them relevant in the eyes of Google. Google is very sensitive to whether a site or a particular page on a site has been recently updated, and if you have pages that you haven’t even looked at for years then Google will presume that the information they share is outdated and thus no longer relevant. Make sure then that you keep editing old pages from time to time to keep them up to date and so they look fresh in the eyes of Google.

Tailoring Your Articles Based on Searches

The first rule in show business is to give the people what they want, and that applies in SEO too. Take a look at your web stats then and see what people are searching to find your website. If they’re landing on your pages regularly by searching for a question you aren’t actually answering, then this clearly would make a good article to write. You know that you’re capable of getting at least near the top of that SERP and that’s when you’re not even writing specifically for that topic and you know there’s an audience there – so what are you waiting for?

Building Relationships

To many people think of SEO as a cold process of swapping links and posting articles without ever developing relationships. Actually SEO is at least partly about who you know, just like any other business. Cultivating relationships with other blog owners for instance is a great way to get links to your site, while chatting on forums gives you a receptive community where you can post them yourself.

Creating Internal Links

Don’t just link in from your site, but make sure you’re also linking internally. I have a bodybuilding website that has pages describing all the common exercises and muscle groups. Thus, whenever I write the word ‘biceps’ I will always link back to my existing page on biceps, and likewise for anything else. This helps Google and visitors to find new pages and reminds them about the old ones.

Have a Site Map

Better yet is to have a site map and this is something that every site owner should spend time building. This way you have one resource where Google can find all your new links, and that will mean it’s able to quickly index any new post or article you upload.

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