Getting Your Voice Heard Before Computers

Although perhaps some of the younger people among us would find it hard to believe that society existed before the Internet was available, people did in fact get on just fine before it was even thought of. We managed just fine without Google and believe it or not, we even managed to get through the day without having access to sites like Facebook and twitter. The Internet did change some things in quite a big way however and one thing in particular that changed was how we now get our message across. While we are now able to get our message to a vast number of people fairly quickly, it used to be a very different challenge altogether in the past. Before access to the web and computers, we had very different ways of communicating to the masses.

The Town Crier

Walk about town ringing a big bell and shouting your head off nowadays and you are very likely to find yourself arrested for disturbing the peace. In days gone by however, having somebody shouting at the top of their voice was considered a very important position and towns up and down the country would have their own rent-a-gob to let everybody know everything is safe. We can now just check what’s happening by logging in and reading the news but of course, such a luxury was not available until relatively recently. The next time you go online to check the news, remember how fortunate you are to not have the local big mouth yelling at the top of his voice at silly O’clock in the morning.

Word Of Mouth

Without sophisticated communications equipment people in the past would have had to rely upon other people spreading the word for them. Word of mouth is in fact an incredibly effective tool and still one of the most valuable marketing techniques available to us today. With a recommendation from friends or family people are likely to follow the advice and try out whichever service or product is being suggested and if impressed, they too would tell their friends and family. Once a good reputation has been established, any business should find fine that provided they maintain their high standards that they should do fruitful business long in the future.

Billboards and Posters

Making people aware that your business even exists is much of the struggle and billboards and posters are one way of doing this. One downside of this however, is that the vast majority of people that will see your advertisement are likely to have just about as much interest in what you are selling as they might in going to lunch with the chuckle brothers. Such visual advertisements rely on being seen by vast numbers of people so that even though they may influence only a very small percentage of people that see them, the actual numbers are still worthwhile.

Of course though, we do now have access to computers and the Internet and the new body of information is a medium that is perfect for effectively reaching your target audience. If you know what needs to be done then you could not only get your message to a huge number of people, you could also reach the people that might just fancy that lunch with the chuckle brothers after all. You could also save yourself the embarrassment of being arrested for waking up the neighbourhood with a loud bell and, of course, you won’t get a sore throat either. If you think you are having a tough time now getting your voice heard, bear in mind how much more difficult it may have been before the Internet came along.

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