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This page offers all the most important links you need to drive traffic and analyze your website performances.

I regrouped all the links and services I’m using myself daily to, first of all, organize myself. It’s much easier to follow a strict routine when all the links are arranged by categories on one page. My Firefox bookmarks are crowded with 1000s of links and I often forgot some of them in my daily routine….

I organized this link page into 5 main categories:

  1. The SEO free resource to rank higher in the search engines. What you need to create a good site from the start.
  2. One time task per domain
  3. Daily recurring tasks
  4. The tools you need to track your performances
  5. Free online goodies

1 The SEO free resource

  • Google Adwords Use the keyword tool to find keyword idea and better domain name. This software allows you to research keywords. It tells you the approximate common variety of searches per 30 days for a keyword phrase and in addition suggests comparable alternative keyword phrases.
  • Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool. Enter some key phrases and you will receive a list of as much as one hundred associated keywords and an estimate of the number of daily searches for every keyword phrase.

2 One time task

  • sitevaluestats Get 150 backling with one click. Just enter your domain name, hit enter and let the page do his work.
  • Freebacklinktool Create up to 500 links pointing to your website and ping them all for FREE
  • receive 1,000 backlinks absolutely free at sign up that you can divide in up to 25 different campaign. After that you can either buy backlinks at a really low price or refer another webmaster and earn 1000 links per referred member.
  • Boostability Free Website Submission to major search engines and website analysis.

3 Daily recurring tasks

Creating Backlinks

  • socialmonkee Easily build 25 UNIQUE backlinks to your pages every day! Uses spin text for title and description. You can submit a website daily. It can be a unique site or link to an internal page. You can upgrade to pro version for a small one time fee of $47.
  • Backlinksseo Increase pagerank and link popularity by posting blog comments to 1000 and 1000s of popular blogs with your relevant keywords.
  • Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated. Do not abuse the system. If you run lots of blogs, do not submit each one daily, even if they are updated.

Link Swapping

  • Use these different Google queries to search out thousands of web sites to drop your hyperlinks on and create backlinks.

4 Track Your Performances

  • Keyword Rank Checker Tool This website allows you to find out where your web site is ranked in Google for a specific keyword phrase. Many of the visitors goes to the sites listed on the primary page of Google, so your aim should be to get your site into the top 10. This tool means that you can check your progress extra quickly than you could do manually.
  • Website Grader After getting optimized your web site and started to market it, this tool is an excellent approach to get a free critique of your site. It offers information about the effectiveness of your on-web page web optimization, off-page website positioning, blogging and social marketing. It additionally gives you ideas on how you can improve in each of those areas. It allows you to measure your progress and find potential areas for improvement.
  • Twitter Grader Twitter Grader is a free tool that allows you to verify the power of your twitter profile compared to hundreds of thousands of other customers which were graded. Simply enter your twitter username (password not needed) and you’ll get an on the spot grade and report. It is easy.

5 Free Online Goodies

  • Sitemap Generation Tool This tool will generate a sitemap for you in both XML or HTML format. A sitemap contains hyperlinks to all the pages in your website. A sitemap helps to make sure that the various search engines discover all of the totally different pages on your website. It may also be useful in your visitors.
  • TwitterFeed feed your blog to twitter, facebook, and more. One time set up.
  • copyscape Search for copies of your page on the web. Especially useful if you use outsourcing resource or write original content.
  • worthalyzer Estimate your site value if you plan to flip it.

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